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Tips for planning an event in Las Vegas

What to Know to Plan the Best Las Vegas Event

The Road Ahead

If you’ve been put in charge of hosting an event in Las Vegas, or you’re looking to have your wedding in Las Vegas, the giant city of entertainment may appear daunting at first. While fun is practically guaranteed, you may not know exactly where the best location for your type of event should be, or what to do with your guests before and after the event, or even who to contact in regards to cuisine and shuttle service. This article will give you a few tips on how to ensure that your event in Las Vegas is talked about for years.

1. Know Your Budget

While it may seem like an event planner in Las Vegas is enough to clear one’s bank account, that isn’t always necessarily true. There are venues and activities that can be done in Las Vegas that are actually relatively cheap. For certain professionals who decorate and do lighting for events, there is a myriad of teams with varying price ranges. As such, make sure you know the budget that you have to work with and be sure to stick with it. After all, you’ll want something extra to play around with in those famous casinos.

2. Have A Vision

Creative design for your event doesn’t necessarily have to rest on your shoulders alone, but it certainly helps. By having a vision of style or tone or even a theme that you want your event or wedding to imbibe can really help coordinators make that vision become a reality. They can also come up with a few suggestions for you to make that theme or style even better–a true Las Vegas spin on it–once they understand exactly what it is you’re looking for in regards to your event. Once they understand it, they can hook you up with the other teams that can help you.

If you will be hosting your event at a trade show, then you should definitely consider hiring trade show models in Las Vegas. They will improve the success of your booth branding and marketing tremendously.

3. Give Your Guests A Free Day

Whether it’s the day before or after the scheduled event, by giving your guests a free day, you can allow them to relax before or after the event. For business leaders looking to make an impression, this can go a long way to buttering those potential clients or partners up before making a deal. For wedding goers, giving your guests a free day to either hit the spa or try their hand at a casino can only increase their excitement over your big day. By treating your guests like your own family, everyone will enjoy a close, shared experience, rather than simply another party.

4. Know The Area

Speaking with your local coordinator can give you information privy to just the locals on how busy the area your event is located in is during a regular day. With traffic of Las Vegas no laughing matter, you may want to come up with a few ideas on how to have your guests easily arrive at the event without having to deal with the frustrating traffic. Is your event close enough to the hotel they’re staying in for them to walk? Is there a helicopter service? That could be quite flashy. Essentially, make sure you know what to expect from the area and have a few contingency plans in store to deal with any problems.

5. Check Professional Reviews

Before you decide on a catering service in Las Vegas, NV or even a team to decorate your event, take some time to perform research. Look into these companies and read the reviews that past customers have left. Are they reliable? Will they come through on the promises they made to you? In regards to food, is it really as good as their website indicates? By making sure you’re bringing in trusted professionals to help make your event a blast, you can acquire peace of mind. Your guests will certainly thank-you for the excellent service and entertainment.