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11 Great Reasons to Have Your Wedding in Las Vegas

wedding chapel in Las Vegas

It’s not uncommon to hear about couples eloping to Las Vegas for a wedding. While the reputation of Las Vegas weddings may be of the shotgun-style, you can get married in Las Vegas without it having to be a shotgun wedding.

There are many good reasons to get married in Las Vegas and more than 120,000 weddings happen in the city every year. You don’t have to choose a tacky chapel, get stuck with cheesy pictures or do one of the drive-thru weddings. You can have an elegant, wonderful wedding in Las Vegas and here are a few good reasons to have your wedding in Vegas.

1. Destination Weddings Keep Unwanted Guests Away

Weddings often mean you have to invite people you don’t want to. Mom and dad may pressure you to invite all kinds of family members you wouldn’t normally invite. However, when you choose a destination wedding in Las Vegas, you will rule out some of those unwanted guests; even if you invite them.

This allows you to look like you tried, but avoid having that uncle or cousin you really don’t care for at your wedding. Destination weddings offer a good buffer for the guest list since not everybody will travel to see you get married.

2. Wedding and Honeymoon in One Place

Las Vegas is a very popular honeymoon destination and you can do both in the same place. This helps not only the budget but also the time as you can go right from the reception to your honeymoon without any other travel. In addition, the Sin City is the perfect place for a bachelor and bachelorette party. If you like the idea of convenience, you can take care of it all in one place.

3. Cheaper than the Average Wedding

Compared to the average wedding, which is about $25K in the United States, having your wedding in Las Vegas will be much cheaper. You can literally get married for a few hundred dollars. Add in a decent reception and a few other things and you can keep your budget under the $2,500 mark, which is one-tenth the cost of an average wedding. If you’re on a tight budget, Las Vegas is a good choice.

4. Less Stress and Less Planning

A traditional wedding can easily take a year or longer to plan. You need wedding coordinators and a million other people involved to make it special. When you get married in Las Vegas, you can book a wedding chapel inside a hotel and everything is handled for you. They already have wedding coordinators on staff ready to help you choose the flowers, music, glasses, food, photography and other things. This can all be done online or over the phone making it easy to plan.

5. Booking is Simple

With so many wedding chapels in Las Vegas and the nature of the business there, you don’t have to book your venue out a year or even six months. You can get a wedding chapel on short notice and make reservations at hotels last minute. Some will even allow walk-ins. As long as you don’t choose Valentine’s Day, you should have no issue finding a place to get married in Vegas.

6. You can Still have Tradition

You don’t have to have a quickie wedding just because it happens in Vegas. You can still have a traditional wedding with the things you want and have dreamed of. Many of the resorts offer special wedding packages with the suit-and-tie type of wedding. You can even have a Christian ceremony if you prefer.

7. Your Food Could be Amazing

Las Vegas is home to several five-star chefs, so you could hire one to handle your wedding catering, like our company Worry Free Catering. Hire our wedding caterers in Las Vegas here. You may have the very best food anybody has ever had at a wedding and it won’t require you to spend a year planning in advance.

8. Luxury is Super Possible in Vegas

Since the budget stretches further, you have the option to choose a place for a luxury wedding in Las Vegas. You don’t have to choose a $250 chapel. Instead, you can book the Caesars Palace, Arai, The Venetian or Wynn for an elegant ceremony and a VIP reception.

9. The Party Doesn’t have to Stop

After the reception, the party can continue as late as you want. It’s Las Vegas and there’s a party going on at just about every hour of every day.

10.Dress Shopping in Vegas is the Best

Las Vegas is home to some of the finest designers, brands, and boutiques you will find when it comes to wedding attire. You will have several options from the Shops at Crystals to the Fashion Show and so much more. There’s something for every taste and budget in Las Vegas.

11. Pre-Wedding Pampering is Simple

Hitting a spa for a bit of pampering is very easy considering there’s a spa in many of the best resorts in Las Vegas. Choose The Cosmopolitan, Aria, Caesars Palace or one of the many others and you can get pampered before your wedding day.

It’s not uncommon for couples to choose Las Vegas for their wedding. The affordable price tag is alluring, but the destination offers far more than just a cheap wedding chapel. You’ll find several accommodations, plenty of catering options, great party options and all types of other great reasons to get married in Las Vegas.