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Cocktail Parties

Our city is synonymous with fun. People come here to relax and let go. They also come here to party and eat. The last few decades have seen a tremendous renaissance that has transformed the food scene here. No longer just a place to grab some fast food and move on, today’s city is a highly sophisticated food town. Guests and residents alike want great food. They appreciate food from many different types of countries and local cuisines. Those who are giving a party of any kind want to be sure to uphold the many expectations people have when it comes to dining here. Guests appreciate great food that warms the palate and allows them sample many types of menu items.

bartender serving drinks

Throwing a Cocktail Party

A cocktail party is a wonderful opportunity to delight guests. It’s also a great chance for people to get to know each other in an informal setting. Whether at work or at home, the cocktail party means a chance for casual conversation and plenty of interaction with lots of people at the same time. When thinking about a cocktail party at work or for friends, it’s important to begin with the right menu. Many people choose a menu that lets guests sample a wide variety of items during the time of the cocktail party. They also pick out a menu that lets them sample many different kinds of drinks. A good menu for a cocktail party should have something for everyone attending. It should also have little plates so that everyone can sample everything and lots of glasses for different drinks.

Planning a Food Menu for your Party

It’s a good idea to start with food when throwing a party here. Las Vegas caterers can offer any client a wide range of potential options. This will typically include items that feature fresh seafood and delicious fish. It will also typically include meat options as well as appetizers to please vegetarian guests. Consider other needs as well. For example, someone in the party may have allergies to dairy products while another prefers to have gluten free items. An ideal cocktail food menu will take these possible preferences into account. Many companies can suggest upscale food items that are very much in keeping with the general food scene here.

Serving the Best Drinks your Guests will Love

A well thought out cocktail party should ideally also include a wide range of drinks. Many companies can suggest all sorts of possible options. This should include both alcoholic beverages and non-alcoholic beverages. For example, offering several types of red and white wines allows guests to find the kind of wines they like best. Throw in harder drinks like gin and tonic and the party can get started. For those who would prefer something more mild, it’s a good idea to bring out cold drinks that are ideal in the heat. Chilled cups of mint lemonade are a great thing to sip while talking to other people. Iced tea with raspberry is another favorite as well as various kinds of soft drinks. A great menu of different kinds of things to eat and drink makes any cocktail party flow more smoothly.