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As part of our work here in Las Vegas and the surrounding community, every so often we come across amazing local businesses. As you probably know, at Worry Free Catering, we offer catering for conventions and other events. At a recent convention, we ran into Alex Simon of Live Talent. His company offers Las Vegas promotional models for trade shows and other events. He has been operating here locally for almost a decade. I met some of the models and they were very nice, outgoing, and professional.

Trade Show Models in Las Vegas

Here are some reasons why you may consider hiring Las Vegas trade show models for your booth.

Save on Travel Costs

When you hire trade show models in Las Vegas, you’ll save on the lodging and meal costs that you would pay to bring your employees to the event. Trade show events can be costly, especially when it comes to flying in employees to work at your booth. That means you’re required to cover airfare, hotels, meals, and transportation for your employees. This can add thousands of dollars to your budget.

You’ll also be removing your top-performing employees from your company’s headquarters for the duration of the trade show. It’s better to hire trade show models Las Vegas who are already trained in influence marketing and brand ambassadorship. You can find models who reside in major cities such as Boston, Chicago, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New York, Orlando, among others.

Conduct Safe Demonstrations

Aside from not spending money on travel expenses to fly in your employees to your event, trade show models in Las Vegas, NV can become the faces of your brand. Your attendees will not know that they were hired for the event. Consider them as brand ambassadors who are experienced at giving demonstrations and presentations of your products and services. You can continue to engage with each of your leads, while your trade show models Las Vegas try to attract more leads to your booth.

The Best Trade Show Modeling Company is Live Talent – Las Vegas Trade Show Models

Live Talent’s promotional models in Las Vegas are some of the best in town! We highly recommend them for any convention or trade show in Vegas. Contact them using the info below: Live Talent – Las Vegas Trade Show Models, 9205 W Russell Rd Suite 240, Las Vegas, NV 89148, (888) 661-3373 Contact Alex Simon for any information on their services, to see model portfolios, and to get pricing information.

Directions to Live Talent – Las Vegas Trade Show Models

Reasons to Visit Las Vegas for Your Convention

So your next industry convention is scheduled to be in Las Vegas. That’s not surprising. Sin City hosts some 6.5 million meetings, trade shows, conventions and other business events every year.

Are you wondering whether you should attend? Here are several reasons you should pick up the phone or digitally click your invitation acceptance as soon as possible.

Las Vegas is really, really good at this convention business. Like previously stated, the city hosts millions of business gatherings. They range in attendance from about ten to some 150,000. What that means to you is that Las Vegas’s nearly quarter-million employees within the resort and hospitality sector know exactly what they’re doing. They do their jobs efficiently, courteously and accurately. Your needs will be met.

You’ll always find a room. Are you making your attendance decision last minute? That’s a common occurrence, but it could be fatal in some cities, where you could find the hotels all booked well before a popular convention. Not in Vegas. The city has some 150,000 hotel rooms. They’re…everywhere. And at just about all price ranges. You’ll never find the city overpowered by any convention, regardless of how well attended. No matter when you want to book your room, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for, and probably very near to, if not in, the same complex as your convention.

The networking opportunity will be first rate. What’s not to love about Vegas? That viewpoint is shared by so many business visitors from all over the world that all conventions here are nearly guaranteed to be well attended. Whether you’re a buyer, seller or information gatherer, you’ll find plenty of opportunity to make valuable contacts on the bustling venue floor or at endless after hours entertainment options.

Speaking of those entertainment options, you’ll find plenty. There’s another reason so many organizations bring their business to Vegas. Rather, a lot of reasons, and many of them are located on or just off the Strip. Restaurants, bars, shows large and small, shopping and, of course, casinos…they’re all in abundance in Las Vegas. The nightlife is first rate, which is why Vegas draws work and play visitors from around the globe. Not only will you enjoy yourself after business hours, but you’ll find Sin City to be an ideal locale for entertaining the connections you’ve made on the convention floor. Expanding your business day that way will actually be enjoyable.

You never have to wonder about the weather. Go ahead, try us in January. Or any month of the year. You can almost be certain of finding warmth and sunshine. With all the city has going on in its grand hotels, convention centers, shopping venues and gambling and entertainment palaces, you might never get around to experiencing the outdoors. But if you do, you’ll find eternal summer in even the harshest months in your hometown.

We’ll get you in and out. Have you ever gone to a convention models or promo models where you had to land in a nearly empty airport, find a rental car and drive thirty miles to your destination? That’s certainly not the situation you’ll find in Las Vegas. This is an international destination with almost 1,000 daily inbound and outbound flights to and from, well, just about everywhere. That includes nonstop connections from more than 130 U.S. and foreign cities. Once you’ve arrived at McCarran International Airport, you’re just two miles from the city center and a four-minute drive to the Las Vegas Convention Center.

You’ll not want to leave Las Vegas once you’ve experienced all the city has to offer. But when it is time to go, your departure will be as smooth and drama-free as your arrival.

Welcome to Vegas, baby!