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Brunch Catering

Hire Worry Free Catering for your Brunch Celebration This Weekend

Brunch is one of the most popular of all meals. People love slowly getting out of bed on a weekend and then ambling off to find lots of brunch choices. They also love sitting down with friends and family to eat as they ease themselves into the day. Las Vegas is one of the brunch capitals of the country and the entire world. Guest from all over the globe look forward to sampling a brunch in the city with lots of choices and plenty of wonderful items. While brunch is usually offered only on weekends in many places, it is frequently available every single day of the week. Many residents and local companies also offer brunch when entertaining friends and welcoming new clients to their business. Getting the brunch catered makes the perfect way to begin the day.

Planning the Brunch

When planning any brunch, several factors should be taken into account. This includes the number of guests as well as the location of the brunch. As brunch is traditionally a combination of breakfast and lunch, it’s a good idea to offer menu items that span both of these time frames. For example, providing guests with filling proteins such as steak is good. It’s also a good idea to offer lighter fare such as eggs and fruit. An effective menu will frequently combine both and provide special options frequently associated with brunch. The party giver might offer guests highly constructed dishes that take a lot of care to prepare such as Eggs Benedict with Hollandaise sauce or a lobster souffle and drinks like mimosas that truly bring to mind luxurious dining.

Many Special Items

Brunch is the ideal time to bring out something special. A catering company can provide guests with a range of freshly prepared bagels as well as scones, buttermilk biscuits and items like brioche and fruit stuffed muffins. Caterers can also suggest special touches that make this meal one people will remember. For example, they can bring out a display of carved fruit baskets and ice sculptures to surprise and delight guests when the first come inside. It’s useful to have other items on hand that most guests will enjoy eating. Scrambled eggs and plain pancakes with real maple syrup are crowd pleasers that appeal to many tastes.

Setting the Scene

Giving a successful catered brunch requires setting the scene to please and impress. Consider dedicated one or more tables for food. A catering company can provide extras when needed as well as items such as silverware. The company can also offer suggestions about lighting and color. Think about items that help beat the heat such as chilled fruit salads and iced Bloody Marys. An effective brunch will also include sweet treats. A selection of chocolate eclairs, doughnuts and ice cream make fine additions to any brunch. Guests should have the chance to enjoy a full range of menu items as they prepare for the rest of their day. A good mix of standard brunch menu items such as omelettes works well with items that call to mind fine dining. A great catering company can offer the help people need to throw a fabulous brunch.

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