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Should you hire us for your big day?

There are many details to plan when you’re getting ready to walk down the aisle and exchange vows. From the centerpieces to the wedding attire, it’s important that you handpick each part of the event to ensure that it’s everything you’ve dreamed. When it comes to planning the reception, you’ll need to decide if you want to hire our company for your wedding.

Added Convenience

Although you may have a friend or an aunt who offers to prepare the food for your wedding, there’s a lot of risks that comes with relying on an unprofessional to serve the food. There are plenty of people who can cook delicious dishes, but few are experienced with serving hundreds of guests at a time.

Hiring a private chef will offer you peace of mind knowing that the food was handled safely and in a clean kitchen. Instead of worrying about preparing a fresh salad or appetizers the day before your event, you can focus on spending time with your friends while creating new memories. You won’t have to spend time running out to the store to get more ingredients or transporting the food to the venue.

More Choices

Using a professional chef to serve the food will allow you to offer more choices to your wedding guests. Those in attendance can enjoy having a selection of appetizers, sides, entrees, and desserts that are available in one setting. You’ll accommodate picky eaters or those with dietary restrictions by having more selection, which will enhance the quality of the night for the wedding party and guests. You can even request kid plates to be served to children who attend.

Quality Food

Our wedding caterers in Las Vegas are known for serving quality food that looks beautiful with its presentation. You can increase the formality of your event with the type of food that is made from professionals who are skilled in the kitchen. The flavor, ingredients, and recipes that are used will be of the highest quality to ensure that you and your guests can enjoy a culinary meal.

Custom Menu

Many companies allow their clients to create a custom menu to ensure that each item that is served is hand-picked by the happy couple. You can even have the menu work around the time of day that the event will take place, whether in the morning, mid-day or the evening. Many companies serve brunch buffets if you choose to have an event earlier in the day. Others can serve different courses to each table or create a beautiful buffet that allows your guests to choose what to put on their plate. You’ll also get the chance to offer food during the cocktail hour, whether you want to welcome your guests to indulge in finger foods or fruit skewers.

Having the freedom to create the menu for your wedding will allow you to feel satisfied with the options whether you have a backyard wedding or are hosting the event in a lavish venue.

Our wedding services is the best in town! We have been offering gourmet food service in Southern Nevada for years. If you live in Clark County, check out our services today. We love helping couples get married in or near the Strip. Have you checked out our reviews? We have some great wedding service reviews!