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Event Catering

It’s the task that many professional people dread, planning the food and drink for their next event. Maybe the task has fallen on you this time. To meet this challenge you’re kicking around the idea of hiring an event caterer. That said, you’re still on the fence for a number of reasons, including budgetary ones. However, hiring a caterer does make sense. Here are five reasons why you should.

fish tacos catered for Las Vegas event

Why should you hire Worry Free Catering?

1. It Frees Up Your Time

Chances are your work and commitments schedule won’t change just because you have an event to plan. Hiring our food provider gives you the ability to spend your time on work and your other responsibilities. That’s a better use of your time and talents. An experienced chef like ours has the cooks and the time to devote to event and food-planning that you don’t.

2. Portions and Servings

If you’re planning an event for say 250 guests do you know how much food you’ll need? How much cake or other desserts your guests will require? How much wine and beer to serve? Did you know that the amount of alcohol you serve affects negatively or positively how many sweet items you need to serve? It’s a good bet that you don’t know the answer to any of these questions, which means that you could go over budget. It also means, on the flip side, that you may not have enough food and drinks for everyone. A professional caterer knows how much food in proportion to drinks and desserts is realistic to serve.

3. Helps With Your Budget

You may balk at the idea of paying a professional to make and serve food at your next event. However, as the previous paragraph demonstrated, you may go over budget or be under prepared, depending on where your event-planning skills lie. Truth be told, if it’s going to be a very large event, hiring a professional can save you money. These professionals know how much each item costs. They also know wholesalers who can connect them with the food and drinks for your party for a much cheaper price than you could get them for on your own.

4. Better at Menu Planning

In every crowd, there is a diversity of eaters. For example, even at informal barbecues these days you’re likely to run into people who don’t eat meat. What will you feed them? We know how to plan for a variety of diet restrictions and should be able to offer up viable menu items for all types of eaters. The caterer also knows to ask these questions, something that you might not know to do, unless you work in the food industry.

5. Frees You to Mingle

Your event may be something really personal like the retirement of a close friend or even the marriage of your child. That being the case, do you really want to spend the evening worrying about whether the chicken is burned? It’s likely that you don’t. Hiring an event caterer frees you up so that you can mingle during your party. Worry Free Catering has setup and teardown crews, servers, bartenders, and other other necessary staff. Hiring a caterer means that you can spend your time at the event connecting with the people who are important to you.

Final Thoughts on Hiring an Event Catering Company

Hiring an event catering company that can feel like a luxury, but really, it’s actually a very practical decision. Worry Free Catering, the best event caterer in Las Vegas can help you stay on budget while at the same time help you plan a menu that your guests will love. Having someone there to take care of the food also allows you to save time and to connect with your guests and family at your next event.

We are also available for weddings.

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