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Unique Wedding Venues in Las Vegas

Although traditional weddings are beautiful, many couples prefer something different when planning their big day. Las Vegas is a splendid wedding destination, where bright lights, friendly people and a fun and exciting atmosphere create the perfect backdrop for an unforgettable ceremony. Below are some of the most popular unique wedding venues in the city of Las Vegas:

A Venus Garden Wedding

Caesar’s Palace provides numerous wedding packages to accommodate essentially any size party; however, those seeking a truly unique ceremony should consider booking their nuptials at the Venus Garden. Surrounded by Roman architecture, a floral landscape, and tropical palm trees, this area seats up to 115 guests. Another terrific outdoor option at Caesar’s is the Juno Garden, which also boasts a luxurious landscape similar to the one mentioned above, but seats up to 130 guests.

Treasure Island Pirate Ship Wedding

Treasure Island provides couples with their choice of more than 20 wedding packages, including traditional chapel options. However, the most notable and unique is the Enchantment Wedding Ceremony. It is held on the famous pirate ship, “The Siren,” in Siren’s Cove. A captain performs the ceremony and the rings are delivered by a pirate who swings down from a crow’s nest. Treasure Island also offers packages that include online streaming of the ceremony, so that friends and family who cannot travel to Las Vegas can still feel as if they are part of the wedding.

A Gazebo Wedding at the Flamingo

If one’s goal is a secluded garden wedding, Caesar’s outstanding sister hotel offers several picturesque and quaint wedding locations on its impressive 20 acres. The Gazebo Package provides a beautiful, white trellised archway surrounded by 12-foot high trees and backdrops featuring waterfalls, sprawling tropical greenery, and an outdoor pool that can be used during the reception. The Gazebo Package can accommodate up to 100 guests.

Mandalay Bay Cabana Wedding

Mandalay Bay features a beautiful 11 acre pool, and offers couples their choice of 12 different wedding venues, from a traditional chapel wedding that accommodates up to 100 guests to unusual and interesting options that are unlike anything else offered in Las Vegas. Specialty packages include ceremonies that are held in the establishment’s Shark Reef, or a Villa Ceremony Package, which gives couples use of their own outside villa for the entire day. The hotel’s Cabana Ceremony package is another outstanding choice, and is often referred to as a “country club wedding.”

An Elvis-Themed Wedding at the Graceland Wedding Chapel

No list of Las Vegas wedding packages would be complete without mentioning the option of taking one’s nuptials at the Graceland Wedding Chapel. Part of the Strip for more than five decades, Graceland offers dozens of Elvis themed packages to suit all lifestyles and budgets. Elvis may officiate over the ceremony, give away the bride, or even perform after the vows are taken. A favorite among Elvis fans, celebrities and many other individuals, a Graceland Chapel Wedding is a fun and unforgettable choice for virtually anyone.

Maverick Helicopter Celebration

For couples who are overwhelmed by the number of choices offered on land, the sky awaits. Maverick Helicopters sell wedding packages that allow the bride and groom to exchange vows while flying over the famous Las Vegas Strip and the impressive desert by which it is surrounded. Of course, this venue is naturally designed for intimate weddings, as there is only space for three guests in addition to the bride and groom.

Big Day in the Eiffel Tower

A Las Vegas wedding at the Paris is something with which few establishments can compete. The Paris offers a variety of packages, and can accommodate up to 90 wedding guests. Couples can choose from packages such as the Chapelle du Paradis, Chapellete du Jardin or Paris at the Poolside.

However, one of the most popular venues offered by this establishment is the Eiffel Tower wedding package. The resort’s Eiffel Tower Observation Deck is a staggering 460 feet above the infamous Strip, and is an extraordinary location in which to hold one’s ceremony.

Regardless of which venue a couple chooses, a wedding featuring one of the aforementioned themes will never be forgotten. Therefore, couples planning to take their vows in Las Vegas should consider booking one of these unique and memorable packages.

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