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Things to Consider When Picking a Wedding Venue

Find Out Which Wedding Venue is Right for You

One of the hardest decisions you will face when getting married is picking your wedding venue. There are several choices and not every venue will work great for you. It’s important to consider the different options, what you really want and your budget.

While you will face several big decisions leading up to your wedding day, the venue you choose is one of the first decisions you must make. Some venues book out more than a year in advance and you will have to make this decision as soon as possible. Here are some of the top things to consider when picking your wedding venue.

1. The Size

Before you can choose a wedding venue, you should first consider your guest list. The size of the venue needs to be able to accommodate the size of your guest list. Once you have an estimated number of guests, you will be able to better look at venues for your wedding and reception.

If your guest list is 125 people long, you may want to consider venues with a little bit more room than you need. You never know when you will forget to add someone to the guest list or who you may want to add over the time you’re planning your wedding. It’s best to choose a venue that can accommodate about 10% more guests than your list, if not more.

2. The Look, Feel and Style

If you want to party the night away, you may not want an intimate venue made for a smaller group of people. The look, feel and style of the venue needs to match the type of wedding you’re going for. Sometimes, the backyard feel fits best for some, while others will prefer a more elegant ballroom.

You cannot plan a style-specific wedding at every venue under the sun. The venue shouldn’t dictate the style of the wedding. Instead, the style should dictate the venue. If you have a specific theme, you will need to consider it when you’re choosing your wedding venue.

3. Full Service or Outside Vendors

Maybe you already have a caterer chosen or another vendor you want to use. If you choose a full-service venue, they may not allow any outside vendors or they may charge a fee for this. However, if you don’t have any vendors yet, a full-service venue may work great for you.

With a full-service venue, you don’t have to find the caterer that specializes in weddings, bar service, dance floor, DJ or other vendors. They do this for you and you just choose the food, decor, and music. However, if you don’t like what they offer, it could mean you don’t get the wedding of your dreams.

Make sure you consider the choices you will have at the wedding venue you choose. When you go with a full-service venue, you should make sure you love the food they offer and the other services you will get. Choosing a venue with the ability to choose your own catering service and other vendors may be a better option if you already have a caterer or other vendor in mind.

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4. Time of Year and Temperature

If you’re getting married in the summer, it may be too hot to use an outdoor venue. In addition, if you’re getting married at another time of the year, you should consider the weather and the venue you will be using. Choosing a venue based on the weather at the time of year can help you avoid plenty of headaches.

In addition to the weather, consider the time of year for the type of venue. An elegant barn may work in the spring, but it fits far better with a fall wedding. Make sure you consider when you’re getting married at the wedding venue you will be choosing.

5. Hours, Deposit, Other Info

If you’re looking for a venue letting you dance under the moonlight or party until any hour of the night, make sure the venue you choose stays open late. Some venues have noise restrictions when it comes to how late you can party. They may have set hours and no option for going over that time, even for an additional fee.

You also need to consider the deposit. If you put down a large deposit and you have to change something, will you get it back? Maybe you need to change the date and the deposit is non-refundable. That could hurt your overall budget and cause issues.

Other information, such as parking, approved vendor lists, lighting, sound equipment and more should be considered. You want to make sure you know exactly what you’re getting into before you book the venue and sign a contract.

Choosing the right wedding venue means you have to consider more than just the price, location and what it looks like. While your budget is very important, the venue should also fit all the other things you need. Consider the things above and make sure you look closely at the details before you sign anything.