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Holiday Party Food Theme Ideas

Throwing a holiday party can be a ton of fun. Choose the right theme, hire the best Las Vegas catering company called Worry Free Catering, provide the right entertainment and you and you’re guests will have a blast!

Before you get into planning the event, you need to choose a theme. This theme should be centered on the food because it will likely be the start of the event. Here are a few of the best holiday party food theme ideas to consider.

A Christmas Story

If you’re throwing an office Christmas party, you can use this famous movie as your theme. The menu will include items, such as turkey and duck, along with potatoes and cranberries. Of course, fitting with the theme of the movie, you will want to serve Coca-Cola from a glass bottle or have a soda jerk scoop root beer floats for your guests.

Dessert will include a full sweets table with all kinds of popular candies from the 1940s. You can include Bazooka Bubble Gum, Bit-o-Honey, Almond Joys and many others.

Masquerade Ball

A great theme for throwing an adult holiday party around New Year’s Eve, a Masquerade Ball theme will include unique decor and masks for all guests. The menu will include plenty of appetizers and finger foods. You want an extravagant menu, but you want it to remain realistic, as well. You will likely want to hire a serving staff to walk around with the appetizers and finger foods. The last thing you want at a masquerade ball event is guests sitting down the entire night or hovering over a buffet table.

The drinks will likely become the start of the show and you should have plenty of unique choices. Starting the night with champagne is a good way to go and having professionally dressed servers pass out drinks, along with a cash bar for top shelf drinks is a great way to make this theme really come alive.

Santa’s Workshop

Another great theme for the Christmas season, Santa’s Workshop offers a chance for your holiday party to really become something special. You can ask guests to bring a toy for a child in need and have all the gifts donated to a local toy drive.

The food for this theme should include salads, hors-d’oeuvres, entrees, and sides. You should also make sure there are plenty of decorated cookies and treats that look like they were made by Santa’s elves. A buffet is a good choice for this type of theme and you should have a large dessert station filled with festive choices.

The Chocolate Factory

This type of theme can be used for just about any holiday party. It’s one of the favorite holiday party food theme ideas because everybody loves chocolate. Every menu item can include chocolate in one way or another from the appetizers to the entrees to the desserts.

Red, White, and Blue

For Memorial Day, 4th of July and Labor Day holiday parties, why not stick with the classic Red, White and Blue theme? The food can include several options that go together, such as a fruit dish with blueberries, bananas, and strawberries. Cakes can be made with an American Flag design and even the entrees can be set up to be super patriotic. Even just burgers and hot dogs can be the perfect choice for this type of party.

Nightmare Before Christmas

Make this your Halloween holiday party theme and you’ll have a winner. The movie was a bit creepy and more about Christmas than Halloween, but this theme can work for both.

The menu should include Old English cuisine, such as turkey, vegetables, soups, and salads. It’s a versatile theme, so you have plenty to choose from for a smaller or larger group. This theme also works well as a buffet or a seated dinner.

The key with the Nightmare Before Christmas theme is incorporating plenty of black and darker colors into the event. It’s a bit of a gothic take on a holiday party theme and this should be considered when planning the menu.

Christmas Around the World

Do you have a diverse group of people you will be entertaining for the holidays? Throwing a holiday party with the Christmas Around the World theme is a great choice. We have done this for a catering party for Christmas before and it was a blast.

The menu can include options from multiple cultures with food stations representing different countries or regions. Consider your guests and their heritage to make sure you get the right countries and food for your party.

Some examples include:

  • Spanish Station – Serve tapas and paella
  • Thai Station – Serve spring rolls and Pad Thai
  • Moroccan Station – Serve tagines
  • German Station – Serve bratwurst
  • Italian Station – Serve pizza and pasta
  • Japanese Station – Serve sushi

Along with the food, you can have drinks from around the world, as well. This is easy to do with wine, as you will find choices from France, Argentina, Australia, and Italy. You can even serve Sake to represent Japan and certain vodka, whiskey and rum drinks for other countries.

There are several holiday party food theme ideas to choose from. Make sure the theme matches your guests and you’ll have a great time at your party.

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