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Private Dinner Party Theme Ideas

Throw A Great Party With These Unique Themes

Throwing a great dinner party is more than sending out a few invitations, getting decent food and enjoying the company you invited. The party needs a theme. Without a theme, your dinner party simply won’t have the excitement it could have.

There are several great theme ideas for a dinner party. Choosing a general theme first will help to narrow down the search. Make sure you choose a theme that fits the type of guests, the venue and the type of gathering. Here are some of the top private dinner party theme ideas to consider.

Sweet Soiree

If you want to throw a fashionable dinner party with a combination of textures and prints, the Sweet Soiree theme may be perfect for you. It’s a combination of sophistication and fun. This French-inspired dinner party offers a good choice for those seeking elegance. It can also be made to be a bit more rustic if you prefer.

The Sweet Soiree theme works great for bridal showers, baby showers, birthdays and weddings. It’s best to choose a venue with plenty of elegance and old-world charm.


Another great choice for your dinner party is a retro theme. This type of theme allows you to bring back an older decade, such as the 1960s or even the 1920s. Choose the decade you love and make sure to include plenty of great themed items on the menu.

A retro theme works great for a dinner party for friends or even for a business. You can ask everybody to dress like they came from the decade of your choice. Any casual venue will work and even your own home can work great for a retro-themed dinner party.

Black and Gold

If you’re looking for a fine dining type of theme with plenty of elegance, a Black and Gold dinner party is for you. This is a great choice in the Fall and Winter but works well any season of the year. You will use predominantly black and gold in the decor. Adding pops of white can help to bring it together, as well.

This classy theme works great for bachelor parties, birthday parties, and business events. Choose a venue that matches the modern theme and maybe one with floor-to-ceiling windows or an incredible view. A Black and Gold dinner party is about luxury and you want to choose a venue that matches.

Backyard Campfire

A casual choice with plenty of simplicity is the Backyard Campfire dinner party. You can class this theme up a bit by using unique dishes, offering more sophisticated foods and choosing the right decor. While it can be casual and like you’re out camping with your guests, the food can still be elegant with a smoky flavor.

Of course, the best venue for this theme is your own backyard. You can also choose a local beer garden or private patio area with a fire for this type of dinner party.


Make your dinner party theme Raw and you’ll be hip and different in a hurry. Instead of having cooked food, serve everything raw. You can use shabby chic decor and keep everything minimalistic and refined. With a color pallet starting with white and accented with pops of color, this can be a wonderful dinner party theme.

Sunflowers are a great choice if you want a more rustic vibe and you can also incorporate some burlap. This theme works great for corporate celebrations, yoga retreats, and baby showers. Choose a venue that fits with your theme by choosing a hip spot or something like a unique barn for your dinner party.

A few other dinner party themes to consider include:

  • Rooftop – Host your party on your building’s rooftop for incredible views and make it the theme of the party.
  • Mediterranean – Match the menu and decor to make your guests feel like they are in the Mediterranean area of the world.
  • Game Day – If you’re planning to have a dinner party before the big game, let the game be the theme of the party.
  • Garden – Rent out a venue with a beautiful garden and make the garden the theme of your party.
  • Farm-to-Table – Find a dinner party caterer¬†like Worry Free Catering willing to provide a farm-to-table menu with only local ingredients. Then, incorporate a few farm elements to bring it home.
  • Masquerade – A very popular choice for those looking to dress up, a masquerade dinner party can be quite a bit of fun.
  • Murder Mystery – Incorporate a good game of who did it and have plenty of fun with your dinner party.

There are several dinner party theme options to choose from. Start with deciding if you want an elegant option or if you prefer a more casual setting. Then, match the theme to the type of party and the guests you will be inviting.