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Best Event Venues in Las Vegas

When planning an event with Worry Free Catering (, one of the most important factors is finding a location. If you have already settled on Las Vegas, half the work has been done for you. Las Vegas is full of fun, classy, and interesting venues that could make any event amazing. If you are looking for the best of the best, here are some of the top event venues in Vegas.

This beautiful event space mixes old French charm with a cool rooftop scene to create the perfect atmosphere for any event. The space can fit 1,500 standing guests and up to 500 seated. Don’t let the “nightclub” fool you, this space is not short on class and elegance. The most elegant feature of this space is the famous replica Eiffel Tower directly above the rooftop seating!

  • The Bellagio

The Bellagio is a world famous hotel and attraction in Las Vegas. From its tall towers to its expansive lake with dancing water fountains, there is a lot to take in. What’s so amazing about The Bellagio is that it has a variety of potential event spaces within it. From formal meeting rooms to the pool area to the art gallery, there are endless possibilities to make your event beautiful.


As far as names go, The Industrial Event Space is pretty straightforward. This space has a 10,000 foot open floor plan with “edge rooms” along the walls that can be used however you need. The great thing about this room is its ability to be customized. The space has been used for everything from galleries, weddings, to concerts. The Industrial Event Space also has a 1.8 acre outdoor space that can hold up to 3,000 guests.


One of the most incredible features of this venue is not its inside, it’s the exterior! This center was designed by architect Frank Ghery. The building has a number of beautiful and interesting architectural and artistic features, and a staff that is willing to spare no expense to make your event perfect. Perhaps the best selling point, though, is that by using this space, you are also donating to the Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health. These donations help with the treatment and research for those with brain disorders.


  • MEET Las Vegas

MEET Las Vegas has three floors and an outdoor pavilion of customizable space. This venue prides itself on its tech friendly experience. The layout and features of the space are designed to make your security, lighting, and digital media displays as seamless as possible. The third floor includes a multimedia training facility, which is great for corporate events. Even the outdoor pavilion is equipped with built in power data panels to keep the WiFi connected and allow for LED displays outside.