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Best Wedding Dress Boutiques in Las Vegas

The most important purchase you will make in preparation for your wedding day will be your wedding dress. Thankfully, if you find yourself in the Vegas area you have some wonderful local boutiques available to you.

Grey Pearl is a relatively new bridal boutique that captures the modern bride perfectly. The sales staff understands the needs of a contemporary wedding and offers a wide array of dresses to specific to every bride. Because they recently opened, October 2017, you will still receive the attention of a small business with the broad reach of a well connected staff. You can make an appointment online, and while there you can steal motifs from their webpage to design your entire wedding. Honestly, it’s tempting.

Grey Pearl specializes in giving opportunities for up-and-coming designers to display their pieces. Their current trunk show, ending March 4, is a Samantha Sleeper collection. The gowns are all made start to finish in Brooklyn and capture the quietly beautiful nature of the city perfectly. Quiet does not mean these dresses are for the faint of heart though. If you want to wear your mother’s dress circa 1984, be our guest. These dresses are for a new age bride. No matter the designer they are showcasing, Grey Pearl is the perfect place to fall in love with the flawless dress that captures your individual style completely.

If you are looking for something a little more standard, but still stunning – think Vera Wang – Couture Bride might be more up your alley. One of the most popular shops in Las Vegas, Couture Bride has a large selection to help you slip into the dress you have always imagined. They are currently offering dresses from eight different designers, Vera being one of them, of course, and have the best reviews of all the boutiques in Vegas. They’ve also caught the eye of The Knot, who gave them an award for excellence in early 2018. Don’t sleep on making your appointment for this one, you will regret it.

Couture Bride’s owner, Dawn Heaney, has been in the business since she was a teenager and organized her store to give you the best experience possible. Every associate is equipped to find you the ideal dress, whether that is a classic Rosa Clara or a statement Olvi’s gown. This is a great place to begin the journey to finding your dress, especially if you are torn between styles. Because they have a wide selection, you can explore more freely. Be warned though, most people who go into browse come out with a dress in hand.

Another wonderful boutique in the Las Vegas region is Lovest Bridal. This boutique is often overlooked, to the loss of many brides-to-be. In a culture that increasingly pushes a minimalist approach to fashion, Lovest Bridal isn’t afraid to sparkle. Your inner diva, and you know you have one, will come to life in this boutique. It’s a shame to lock her up any day of the year, but when planning for your wedding – possibly the most important day of your life – she should be celebrated. Lovest Bridal knows how to celebrate your diva.

If you have been dreaming of your fairytale wedding since your first crush in Kindergarten, Lovest Bridal Boutique will help you make it happen. Take some time to peek through their online collection and you will not be disappointed. Even their 2017 collection could be considered ahead of the game compared to what most stores are offering you today. The dresses are incredible and so unique. This boutique is on the rise in Vegas, but it’s safe to say that they are just under the radar enough so that you don’t have to worry about finding out your favorite gown has also been found by your least favorite co-worker. Your love is one of a kind and your dress should be too.

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