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Catering menu ideas for a dinner party

Giving a dinner party offers a chance to rest and relax in good company. A good dinner party encourages people to interact with each other in a setting that invites genuine conversation. Given how much work it is to make dinner for many people at once, it’s understandable that many people decide to have their party catered. Catering is an excellent way to let the party giver focus on enjoying the party rather than constantly preparing meals. When giving a catered dinner party, people will find many kinds of catering options. It helps to think about the specifics of the party before deciding on a catering plan. This includes the number of guests, the location of the party and the party giver’s own personal preferences. From a formal sit down dinner for many people, to a casual cocktail party, there’s lot of options to please anyone.

A Formal Dinner

Formal dinners are a great way to party. They people to chance to dress up and show off. A formal dinner will typically start with a series of appetizers then progress to a main course and an impressive dessert. Consider starting with appetizers that show off luxury ingredients such as scallops or Kobe beef. Offer diners who are watching their calories the option of vegetarian main course. End with a dessert that will bring out the oohs and aahs such as profiteroles or an elaborately decorated cake.

Mexican Munchies

Take advantage of proximity to Mexico with a Mexican themed dinner party. Authentic Mexican food includes a variety of complex flavors that appeal to many palates. Catering companies offer many different types of Mexican foods for the party giver. Diners appreciate options that let them customize their own meal such as a taco bar.

A Buffet

Another great option for a dinner party is a buffet. Offering guests a wide variety of options allows them to find the foods they like best. Buffets are standard¬† fare. A professional catering company can help narrow down the potential options for the party given. They will typically suggest at least two meat dishes, a pasta dish and several kinds of veggies. The caterer will not only make the food. They’ll also bring the dishes necessary to keep it the right temperature all night long. Make sure you have enough silverware and plates for everyone at the party.

Classic Italian

Everyone loves Italian food. From lasagna to pizza, few things make the mouth water more than well prepared Italian dishes. Bring your guests a taste of Italy with an Italian themed dinner. Start with a soup like minestrone and then a pasta dish like baked ziti. Chicken Parmesan with lots of homemade gravy is the perfect thing for guests to enjoy. A caterer can offer a spectacular dessert like tiramisu as well as a selection of appropriate Italian wines.

Yummy Barbecue

Barbecue is a staple here. Treat your guests to mouthwatering southern feasts. Catering companies are happy to bring the barbecue to your door at any time. Many will offer you a pick of varied types of barbecue meals including chicken, pulled pork and tenderly prepared flank steak. Pair with other delicious side dishes such as corn bread, tomato salad and green beans for a meal your guests will remember.

Pool Party

Take advantage of the mild climate with an evening poolside party. Catering companies are happy to bring out a series of appetizers that can be eaten while guests take a swim. Small items like deviled eggs and other handheld canapes are ideal for a casual, fun time as the moonlight creeps up. Offer guests a wide selection of items including seafood, bowl food and lots of sweet treats. Let guests cool down with a selection of cold drinks they can sample as they dip their toes in your backyard pool.

Hire a professional caterer for your dinner party

Catered dinner parties are easy and fun. Are you planning one soon? If so, give Worry Free Catering, the best caterers in Las Vegas, a call! They will make your event great, cook amazing food, and be professional and courteous to your guests.