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Caterer in Anthem, NV

Catering Services in Anthem, Nevada

What is a Catering Service?

A top notch catering service like Worry Free Catering provides a menu and foods for special events. Learn more about our company here. A professional catering service is the best way to manage a large event where food is to be served. Today’s catering services offer a diverse range of foods and serving styles.

Some catering services provide a serving staff as well as food and beverages. The type of event may be “sit down” where catered foods are served directly to each individual guest.

If the caterer in Anthem provides a “buffet” menu, this allows guests to serve themselves from a buffet table where catering staff may be available to “plate” each dish on the menu.

There is one other popular catering style which is known as “family style” service. The catering staff serves the full menu at each table, but guests pass the dishes to each individual at their table.


Guide to Hiring a Catering Company


To choose the best Anthem catering service, it is important to know the number of guests to be served, the desired catering style and the menu. Most caterers recommend a menu that offers beef, poultry, fish and vegetarian dishes so all guests are properly served.

For weddings, anniversaries, birthday celebrations and business events, a professional caterer is best. Choose a professional caterer with experience in each of these types of events to avoid any mistakes.

Professional caterers provide their years of catering experience as well as recommendations from their regular customers. This gives a good indication of the quality and excellence of the caterer. It is also extremely important to make the right impression on guests.


Selecting the Menu

Professional caterers in Anthem offer a wide selection of menus. This will include hot and cold entrees, sides, desserts and beverages. If the professional caterer has a liquor license, they may also provide alcoholic beverages as well as soft drinks.

Choose a menu that coordinates with the theme of the event. Wedding caterers should be contacted well in advance of the date of the wedding reception. For holiday parties, the professional caterer will suggest menus that fit a holiday theme.

Don’t forget that children’s events like birthdays and graduations are also an opportunity for a catered celebration.


Why Hire a Professional?


The most perfectly planned events require the expertise of a professional caterer like Worry Free Catering. The Anthem neighborhood is located inside the city of Henderson, Nevada. We also work in Summerlin! Expertise is the best reason to hire a professional. Professional caterers are detail oriented and make a catered event look effortless and the host a successful event planner.