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Affordable Catering

When planning any event, it is essential to choose a caterer that can deliver your desired menu at a great price. Good food is a vital piece of any party, and will likely determine whether or not it is a successful event.

affordable catering - burgers for dinner event

The right kitchen staff plays a significant role in ensuring that your guests leave the reception satisfied. Consequently, they can help you budget and plan accurately to avoid embarrassing moments from inadequate food. How do you find the right caterer at an affordable price, but not cheap price point? These tips can make your search less strenuous.

1. Consult with Your Friends and Family

To avoid a wild goose chase, you need to have a narrow list of reliable food providers. Since you may not have dealt with any before, friends and family are always a good place to start. They are likely to provide you first-hand information on their experience with a particular chef, or a rough idea on their pricing. This way you can save yourself the trouble of combing through long lists online or in food magazines.

2. Can the Company Handle Your Specific Needs?

Different events call for different menus and cuisines. All event caterers have an area of specialization ranging from special social event menus to big corporate event clients. Therefore, choose the one that excels in your specific type of event. Some things to consider when characterizing your event include the kind of food, the form of presentation or service, and the number of guests. So make sure you ask the chef questions about these things before signing any contracts.

3. Organize a Taste Test

Most, if not all, companies advertise the exquisite taste of their recipes. There’s no telling how accurate these claims are unless you verify with your own taste buds in a simple taste test. Always be sure that you bring a couple of friends with you because people have different tastes and preferences. During the exercise, the chef should offer a broad variety of food to familiarize you with the entire menu. This will make your decision-making process easier.

4. Review their References

The reference and the customer feedback sections can tell you a lot about the potential provider in question. Though some companies may even pay reviewers for positive comments, the reference section still contains invaluable information. In general, it will show you the pros and cons of using a specific chef. Pleased customers will always post what they loved best or how often they use the services of the prospected chef. The critiques for the disgruntled ones can also guide you on what questions to ask before making your final choice.

After considering the criteria above, you are likely to get a great company for your event at a reasonable price that you can agree with. Did you know that we are available for affordable catering options? Contact Worry Free Catering for more information on handling the food for your upcoming event. We also handle weddings!