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Escape rooms are places that feature a game where you are locked in a room that has a particular theme. The objective of the game is to work with other players and find your way out using various clues or by solving puzzles. An escape room may have more than one room and would have various challenges for players. The game usually lasts for around an hour making it a race against the clock. Escape rooms are popular worldwide with fans flocking in to be challenged in a race against time.

Happy guests at Trapped! Escape Room Las Vegas

Las Vegas is well-known for its various attractions. Escape rooms are an interesting addition to the attractions. If you are in Las Vegas and want to engage in an escape game, here are six of the best escape rooms for you to visit.

6 Best Escape Rooms in Las Vegas

  1. Trapped! Escape Room Las Vegas
  2. Lost Games Escape Room
  3. SAW Escape Room
  4. Escape Room Vegas
  5. Number One Escape Room
  6. Rush to Escape

Escape Rooms Las Vegas

1. Trapped! Escape Room Las Vegas

Trapped! Escape Room Las Vegas is located within a mile of the Strip making it convenient for tourists. This facility offers private escape rooms for you and your dear ones to enjoy, you will not be asked to join with strangers. This family-owned escape room offers an immersive experience and uses creative puzzles with technological elements to them. If you are with a family crowd, you can try out ‘The Lair of the Puzzlemaster’ and ‘Operation: X-13’. Both games are family-friendly and can be enjoyed by people of all ages.

For teens, ‘One-eyed Jack’ is the recommended award-winning escape game that they will find enjoyable. Games need three to eight players and last for an hour’s duration. Each game has its own theme, settings, and gameplay elements. If you are looking for a fun-filled, adventurous, and thoroughly enjoyable experience, then Trapped! Escape Room must be on your list of places to visit in Las Vegas. You can book their facilities for birthday parties, bachelor parties, and even corporate events.

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One Eyed Jack in Las Vegas

Other Escape Games

2. Lost Games Escape Room

Lost Games has a live puzzle game with an action theme. Just minutes away from the Las Vegas Strip, the escape room offers a private escape game for you and your group. The puzzles are highly creative and you need to use all your wits to crack the clues and escape the room. Families can play these games spending a delightful hour having fun and bonding together. The games are suitable for parties where the guests can have a good hour of fun. Corporate organizations can bring their team to the Lost Games escape room for a team-building activity.

The asylum is the escape room that has two games or chapters. One involves an escape from the asylum where you have been poisoned by a doctor. The next chapter is even more tough, with an escape rate of 20%. You need to find a secret room to get out of the asylum. You can have a great experience in this family-owned escape room.

3. SAW Escape Room

The Official SAW escape room is an escape room voted as No.1 in 2018 by USA Today. Whether you just want to visit with friends or want a celebrate a birthday or even a bachelor’s party, the SAW escape room offers a great experience. You can have an hour of exciting puzzle-solving with the option for catering and entertainment in the VIP party room. Located very close to the Strip, this escape room allows groups to unwind, spend quality time together, and bond well. As the name suggests, the escape room is based on the SAW movie franchise.

The game involves entering a meat packing plant where the dreaded Jigsaw killer has many puzzles that need to be solved if you want to escape from his clutches. The escape room offers a multi-room experience with a truly immersive experience. The game is not recommended for children. If you want to enjoy the escape game, you need to reserve in advance. You can even book a private package.

4. Escape Room Vegas

Escape Room Vegas offers two escape room. One is the Basement, with an escape rate of 12.5% and the other is the Study, which has an escape rate of 34%. Both games are for 45 minutes and can be played by a maximum of 10 people. The rooms are ideal for team building activities. Corporate teams can come down to Vegas to visit the escape room and have a great time working co-operatively to solve the puzzles and beat the clock. There is a private VIP lounge available, where you can enjoy refreshments and catered meals.

The escape room has hidden items and clues that you need to use to try to find a way out. Clues may be present anywhere and you need to move fast to find them to find your way out. There are frights awaiting you in the room. Children below 13 are not allowed. The game features real actors within and outside the rooms who have a role to play in the game. Prior booking is advised to confirm your ticket.

5. Number One Escape Room

Number one escape room is a unique escape game that needs out of the box thinking to be able to get out. There are many puzzles, clues, and codes that need to be cracked and you have hardly an hour to do this. There are six games offered. The cabin is a scary experience where you are in a cabin in the heart of a forest and you realize that you are not alone. Red Riding Hood is an escape room where your group has investigators who need to crack a murder case.

The third escape game is Suzy Cell, which is tougher than the other two. Suzy was a prison inmate who had hidden a stash of coke and you need to find it in this game. Chained is a two-player game and you can play it as a four player game along with another game Claustrophobia. The second is truly a claustrophobic game. The last game Locked in all night is unique as you can play it from midnight to dawn. All the games are an hour long.

6. Rush to Escape

Rush to Escape is one of the popular escape rooms in Las Vegas that has games for different skill levels. They offer three different escape games. Ultimate Heist is the most popular escape room and can be played by 2 to 4 players. You need to break into Mason industries to recover a secret nerve gas. Prison break requires you to break out of prison, where you have been imprisoned wrongly, you just have one hour to escape.

Smite Sherlock is an advanced game meant for those who really like a tough puzzle. The legendary Sherlock Holmes has tasked you to find a stolen letter. You have just one hour to enter the house, find the letter, and get out from there. Rush to Escape offers some of the most highly-rated escape games in Las Vegas and is a place you must consider visiting.

The above six escape rooms are the best venues to play the escape game. You can plan a party or a corporate team-building event at these escape rooms and use the experience to bond with your family, friends, and colleagues. Make your booking today to enjoy an unforgettable experience.

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